Summer Camp

Summer Camp of 2018 is past.  Looking forward to Summer Camp of 2019.

Last summer camp turned out to be a tremendous success. If you missed last year, let me tell you something:  YOU REALLY MISSED OUT! Every Christian said they had a great time and wished it to be much longer. The youth group enjoyed every game whether it was indoor or outdoor.  Throughout the years, the Lord has tremendously blessed the summer camp with many joyous moments and precious memories. We played many indoor games that brought great laughter and fun, including Zonk, charades, and memory games. Many enjoyed the outdoor games as well, including soccer, football, basketball, and tag. There was so much fun that at one time the campers played Capture the Flag for two hours at night and football for two hours at the afternoon. If you think that was long, there was a time when God the Holy Spirit moved upon the service and suddenly brought everyone to sing praises to God for four hours straight. The best part was that we heard a great variety of preachers, which caused the reaction of the audience to be moved in different ways. There were exciting sermons that caused members to shout and run the aisles. Hymnbooks were thrown, shoes were flying, people were hitting the roof and walls, and the crazies were bolting out the door while praising the Lord. There were convicting sermons that caused members to weep and pray at the altars. Grown men shed repentant tears and many prayed at the altar for nearly an hour. Of course, we cannot forget the food. At one dinner, one of the members who was a chef cooked tons of delicious salmon for the campers to eat. At another dinner, another member cooked a gigantic barbeque with so many pounds of meat out of an enormous grill that was about ten times larger than normal. There were sometimes skits being held at camp, which really made the audience laugh. They were such a success that many could not resist to make their own recordings of it. At the last night of camp, every single individual would give a testimony around the campfire while eating smores. This is perhaps the most treasured and closest moment for the campers, because it is here that they pour out all of their emotions of what they learn and want to dedicate to the Lord. We hear testimonies from both little children and grown adults. It is after this moment, that everyone leaves the camp resolved to aim higher for the Lord more than ever before. Throughout the last several years of camp, many have undoubtedly become more spiritual and are improving even more every year. Skeptical in what you just read? Why don’t you come on out and try us out!

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