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     This writing is a continuation from the article "Koran Contradicts".  The following verses from the Koran will prove that this so-called sacred book of the Islam faith is nothing but a blatant writing of contradictions against its own verses, science, history, and even common sense!

The Sinless Virgin Mary PDF Print E-mail


The Catholics honor and adore the virgin Mary, because she is the mother of Jesus.  Since she is the one responsible for giving birth to the Son of God, the Catholic church exalts her as a high figure deserving praise and reverence.  Thousands of Catholics go so far as to worship images of her and emphasize her as much as they would emphasize the Lord Jesus Christ.  In their doctrine concerning Mary, they believe that she always remained a sinless virgin after giving birth to Christ.  However, the word of God says otherwise.

So Many Different Bibles! (Part 1) PDF Print E-mail

There are so many different versions of the Bible that many are wondering, “Which version is the best?”  If you go to a Christian bookstore desiring to buy a Bible, are you one of those thinking, “Which Bible should I buy?”  Maybe you just became a born-again Christian and decided to get a Bible for yourself but then you were surprised to see that there are so many varieties of the Bible all over the shelves of a bookstore!  There should be a...
Bible Study - Proverbs 4:1 PDF Print E-mail
Bible Study - Proverbs 4:1

The Way Things Seem To Be (Prov. 14) PDF Print E-mail
The Way Things Seem To Be (Prov. 14)

Billy Bray: A Glad-Man PDF Print E-mail
Billy Bray: A Glad-Man

Here is another story that I found on a website with some revisions by yours truly. This story is my favorite, and this man is my personal role model! So do not miss reading this story! Anyway, I hope this testimony will be an encouragement and rebuke to strengthen the Christian readers:

John Bunyan: Thou art Fair PDF Print E-mail
John Bunyan: Thou art Fair

The following writing is from a website slightly modified by me.  I intend to display the best stories that will motivate, rebuke, and fire up Christians to become faithful servants for Christ just like the men of God from the past.  May you be richly blessed by the following material:

Alleged Bible Contradictions (2010-03-28) PDF Print E-mail
Alleged Bible Contradictions (2010-03-28)

Hellfire or the Grave? PDF Print E-mail

Jehovah's Witnesses may argue that hell is just the grave. They claim the lost will be awake at the final day of Judgment and will be annihilated forever in the lake of fire, not burning forever (Rev. 20:15).  But the Bible, including their New World Translation, shows that there is an eternal place of torment in the end.  People lost in their sins are not simply annihilated at the lake of fire.  They will be literally tormented for eternity.  If the...
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What Is Wrong with Contemporary Christian Music? (Part 1) PDF Print E-mail
What Is Wrong with Contemporary Christian Music? (Part 1)1. There is Something Wrong with Off-beat, Back-beat Rhythm Patterns

Contemporary Christian music is used as a tool to lure many people into the New Evangelical churches.

Wine is a Mocker PDF Print E-mail
Wine is a Mocker


Jehovah's Witnesses' second president, Joseph Rutherford (seated) and his followers celebrate the end of Prohibition (1933) with a few cold beers.

Proverbs 20:1 Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.  


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