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Genesis 1: How Things Began


Proverbs 1:27 The Day will come when Chances are Up


Supposed Contradictions in the Bible - continued series

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Bro Geneha Kim - Acts 11:22 "How Far did you go?"
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One day while Richard was at work; I got out one of the papers he had brought home for me to read.  It had a picture of a Christian missionary family who had given their lives (not just two years) to serve God.  They gave their testimony about their love and gratitude for Jesus, thanking Him for saving their souls.  Their love for the Saviour was so real and genuine.  My heart longed to know this Jesus whom they were speaking about.  I did not know Him as I only knew...
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The occasional shaking in the videos is a setting on our camera that we are working on fixing. It's supposed to recognize movement but in this case it is not necessary. We are working on the problem and hopefully the next set will be shake-free. 

MAIN - Psalm 90:12 "The Use of Our Time"

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Main - Matthew 1:18 - 2 "Four Lessons to be Learned"

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Romans 10:1 "That Israel Might Be Saved"

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"The Fear of the Lord"


"So-Called Bible Contradictions"

King James Jubilee 2010 - What Will They Say About You (Mt. 27:45-56) PDF Print E-mail
King James Jubilee 2010 - What Will They Say About You (Mt. 27:45-56)


Evangelist Steve Cowgill preaches from Matthew 27:45-56 entitled "What Will They Say About You." Thank God for His perfect Word of God and His men who preach what they believe. 


A Struggle to Peace - Part 2 of 3 PDF Print E-mail

I Never Once Questioned My “Church”

    Even at the young age of eleven, I began to see the contradictions and problems with the Mormon-accepted scriptures, but never once did I question the validity of the Mormon church.  After all, from the time I could remember, I was told this was the only true church on the earth today, why would I question it?

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Revelation 10  "A Break in the Narration"

Sermon for Wednesday 12/09/09 PDF Print E-mail

Revelation 9:17 "The Army of 200,000,000 Horsemen"

A Struggle to Peace - Part 1 of 3 PDF Print E-mail
Forward by Dr. James Wilkins

A Story of a Struggle in Life to Find Peace

This 21st century is filled with struggling people.  In fact, most of earth’s six billion people face some adversity or problem.  Some struggle just to have enough food to eat; others, with addiction; some are dealing with a broken heart, dream or life.  STRUGGLE TO PEACE deals with the struggle of a young woman with her religion.  Some people will read this booklet with amazement or in almost unbelief. ...

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